Power Builder

Coding semudah menulis status fesbuk :)

PowerBuilder is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective application development tool for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. PowerBuilder is both revolutionary and proven technology that has uniquely evolved to stay in synch with the latest functionality and visual user interface advances. PowerBuilder IS .NET…and so much more.

Privat Pemrograman...

    Microsoft VFP pil 1 : 10x

    - Database DBC/DBF
    - ODBC connection string
    - Procedure/Function/Trigger
    - Remote View data access
    - Proc./Funct./Error handle
    - Client Server/Mutti User
    - Reporting Data

    Microsoft VFP pil 2 : 10x

    - Database mySQL/msSQL
    - ODBC connection string
    - Procedure/Function/Trigger
    - RV/SPT/CA data access
    - Proc./Funct./Error handle
    - Client Server/Multi User
    - Reporting Data
    - Backup/Restore database

    Microsoft VFP pil 3 : 10x

    - Enkripsi data/koneksi/registry
    - Class
    - DLL

    PowerBuilder pil 1
    PowerBuilder pil 2